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Frequently asked questions

Do you do ship flowers?

We don't ship flowers but we know many florists nation wide. Send us an email and we can possibly refer you to a talented florist in your area. All referrals are involved in a professional chapter of florists called Chape Designers. We work together to create a strong network of like minded artist-florists.

Why are local flowers important?

We source flowers from our very own geographic area for many reasons. 1. Local means FRESH! Most of our blooms are picked the day we receive them. That means you are getting ultra fresh product that will last in your home for many days longer than imported flowers. 2. Local flowers have little to no toxic chemicals. Imported flowers can bring a whole host of toxins into your home (and our store) We like to avoid this at all costs. 3. You will see the seasons, textures and fragrances in our shop change DAILY. Nothing is more exciting than that!

Food and Beverages at the WORKSHOPS?

Yes! Included in your workshop fee is a personal cheese board and wine or beverage pairing. If you have any allergies please let us know. (We usually stick to Gluten Free across the board.) In accordance to COVID regulations, all cheese boards and wines will be single portions on disposable plates and cups. If you would like to forego this amenity, please let us know. You are welcome to bring your own.

Outdoor Workshops and Inclement Weathert

Due to COVID regulations, All of our workshops will be held outside. Please dress warmly. If we have terrible weather that makes class impossible, we will provide a take home kit for you to pickup. With this kit we will provide all materials, instructions and an optional link to zoom our class together from home. We will not offer refunds or exchanges for these classes.