The Process


When should one start planning an event?  -- Depending on the event you may need more time to plan the details. We suggest for weddings that you should begin the floral process 8 months to 1 year from the event date. 


What is the first step? - Typically we suggest you make a 1 on 1 consultation via phone or in person.  We are by appointment only.


What should I expect at the Consultation? - During the consultation we will show you some of our portfolio.  We go through your likes, wishes, wants.   Let's talk linens, style, colors, flowers, logistics.   The free consultation is 60-90 minutes so the more prepared you are, the more we can cover.



What if I am planning a wedding from out of town?  - This is a great question. Many of our clients do not live in the Santa Barbara Area.  If that is the case, we can set up a phone consultation and work via email.  We want to make this process easy for you.


If I want to move forward, what should I do? - After receiving a proposal and contract review and clarifly and questions you may have.If you wish to secure our services, simply sign a contract and send in a non- refundable retainer that will be applied to your final balance. The date is now yours!


After the initial consultation and the contract is finalized, will we get a chance to visit the venue? - With our administrative/design fee, we include 1 to 2 meetings after the contract is signed.  So if a venue site visit is important to you, that can be arranged.  No problem.


Who will be there the day of the wedding to set up the flowers?  - Our team is made up of experienced set of people. Whether it is one of our designers or our owner, Jill Redman, you will have an experienced team there to set up your flowers.


How many weddings do you do per week?  -  Typically we do 1 wedding a weekend but there are always a few exceptions.


The Pricing


What should I expect?  -  Pricing is one of the hardest questions to answer.  It's dependent on many factors including types of flowers, quantity of flowers, color and seasonality.  But beyond the flowers, what we do is hand crafted.   That is why price is such a hard thing to determine.  


What should I budget for 100 guests?  - Based on information from the past decade, our average client budgets $30-50 per guest for flowers before taxes and other costs.  Another way to look at things is to budget 7 to 10% of your total budget on flowers.



What if I don't want a customized wedding floral proposal?

If you don't need a customized proposal, can we suggest our DESIGNERS CHOICE package?  It is for wedding clients who are not as particular and prefer to let us work with as many local vendors to create seasonal flowers.  You give us your color palette, we will create everything for you. For more information about this service visit the DESIGNERS CHOICE section on our website.


Are there any additional charges that I can expect in a floral proposal? - Other charges that are not floral related in a floral proposal could include setup, delivery, design charges. And of course there is also taxes! 



Do you take credit cards? - For weddings, we prefer to accept a check or a transfer via pay pal.  We are committed to keeping expenses down for our clients, we do take all major credit cards but must add on a 2.8% service fee.


What is the tax rate? -  In Santa Barbara, the local tax is 8%


What is the process for corporate or non wedding events?

The process for corporate and non wedding events is very similar. We start with a proposal based on your needs and ideas.  Unlike our customized wedding proposals, we do not have a minimum for corporate and non wedding events.